S3CE Identity

01/ The brief

The Society of Crystallography and Crystal Classification of Ecuador (S3CE) aims to convey scientifical research and universty education.

To do so, they felt that they needed to update their brand to be able to attract new participantes. This is where I came in, to design a brand that caters for that target audience and conveys the technological drive that S3CE are pursuing.

02/ Brand application

Aiming to build a brand that can be applied to multiple formats and platforms was a must. That is why I decided to create sample screens for different platforms, allowing me to show how I envisioned brand application from a digital design perspective.

Below, you’ll be able to find some of these screens and platforms that were used to showcase how the brand could look like when applied to a digital context.

03/ Help with the Information Architecture

Along with the creative concept for a brand that would appeal to crystalographers in the country, as well as people interested in the field, coming up with a structure to represent all the activities that the association develops was a must.

Therefore, establishing a coherent structure based on their necessities and how users would expect to interact with the platforms became one of the additional deliveries after the brand application exercise.

04/ The crystals

The essence of crystalography is researching everything that has to do with crystals and their properties. As a key brand device, I developed different visual assets using 3D software to emulate those crystals and their various forms, shapes and refraction levels.

These assets are used throughout the brand, not only as a means to illustrate what the subject of the association is, but also as a beautified element that captures the target customer’s attention.

05/ Working with just concepts

Coming up with this identity wasn’t easy. For instance, I don’t really know much about crystals or crystallography in general. That meant that a great deal of the work was based on conducting quantitative and qualitative research that could lead the design process and inform the visual aspects of the soon to become S3CE brand.

06/ The results

Implementing a brand such as this one is a task that requires time. However, the foundations of how S3CE should look like were implemented swiftly and with a great deal of care. Part of the success during the reveal was that the brand reflected perfectly what S3CE had in mind when they got in touch with me.

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